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With many years of experience under their belts, our professional tailors are here to make your clothes fit perfectly.

At very competitive prices, Tommy Gun offers special rates for our customers as a thank you for shopping with us. The most accurate way to do the alteration is to measure you, so please visit our friendly staff at one of our stores. If you are outside of Auckland or are unable to pop in just give us a call at head office and speak to one of our tailors.


Regular Price Tommy Gun Clothing Price
Blind Hemming $15 $10
Hemming for Casual Pants $18 $12
Waist Adjustment $25 $20
Tapering of Trouser legs $35 $25


Regular Price Tommy Gun Clothing Price
Shortening of Sleeves - Simple $22 $15
Shortening of Sleeves - Move pleat $28 $15
Shortening of Length $25 $18
Tapering of Waist $25 $18

Suits and Jackets

Regular Price Tommy Gun Clothing Price
Shortening or Lengthening of Sleeves $45 $30
Shortening of Body Length $55 $35
Waist Adjustment $50 $30
Shortening of Sleeves - Shoulder Adjustment $95 $70

For more information, please contact one of our friendly shop assistants or call us at 09 3032721

*Additional cost may apply for urgent alterations. Please contact us to arrange an urgent alteration.